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So you need the services of an Electrician? What do you need to look for when you contact one?

It can be a worring thought for most homeowners. You are going to allow this person into your home and work on your electrical installation, which if not done correctly could become very costly and can even cause a fire or an electric shock. Also they need to be trusted. They could be going into every part of your home and will be alone at times. Below is a list of tips to help you choose.


  1. I would say that the most important thing to look for would be reveiws. If previous clients have taken the time to review the contractor then they are usually pleased with there work. Remember that if you cant leave a review, they have usually had bad reviews and have taken this option away.


  1. Are they registered? You will need a certificate once the work has been completed to make sure it conforms to the latest regulations. If the company is registered with a governing body it means that they have been checked for quality of work, insurance etc. Are they an Approved contractor or a Domestic installer? An Approved contractor can carry out a larger scope of work than a Domestic installer so check that they can do what they say they can. The Nic Eic also provide an Insurance backed guarantee so if the work carried out went wrong for some reason and the contrator could'nt fix it, they would cover upto £25,000 of remedial works. Also check the contractor out. The Nic Eic website has lots of information on it including a wall of shame were contrators have been put if they are mis-using the logo on there vehcile or website, something we have seen alot of lately.


  1. Are they local? We go out to jobs time and time again were something has gone wrong and you ask the customer why they havent got the contractor back who carried out the work? They say they are to far away to come back, or they don't know were they live. If they are local and something was to go wrong at least you can visit there office or home to speak to them and word soon gets around if they are carried out substandard work so if they are lacal you will hear about it.


  1. Do they have a landline number? Not all contractors are bad if they don't but it is usually alot easier to get hold of them if a problem occurs rather than a mobile that is turned off.


Here at Electric - Call we have good reveiws, are a Fully Approved NicEic contractor, only work within a 10 mile radius of the office, have our own staff, years of experiance and an excellent CRM system so we can book you in and always have your details to hand at a click of a button. We have all the latest software so we can complete your certificate on site and email it straight to you, and can also design the whole installation to the latest regulations while on-site. 

We think we have got it right and from the feed back from our customers, so do they. So if you do need an Electrical Contractor try us out by ringing the office and we will do our best to help.

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