Unsightly radiators on display?
We supply and install underfloor Heating, a more cost effective way to heat your homes.

Underfloor Heating

Since the energy efficiency of radiators has been questioned, it is understandable that people are now looking for a more cost effective way to heat their homes.

The electric underfloor heating mats we supply and install are not only cheaper overall to install than water-based systems, they require little or no maintenence.

From a style-concious homeowner's point of view, the clean look you get from no radiators on the wall is very satisfying and gives you more options when decorating because there are less obstacle to work around.

With the traditional radiator the heat generated moves vertically until it reaches the ceiling, where it accumulates until such a time that there is enough of it to reach the people in the room and warm them up.

An electrical underfloor heating system, on the other hand, delivers a comforting and even, radiant heat across the whole floor area with no cold spots, warming from the floor upwards.

Healthier environment

Reduces risk of asthma and allergy triggers thanks to a reduction in the circulation of airborne allergens.


Greenhouse gas emissions are minimised due to efficient use of energy.

Cost effective

Room temperatures are easily regulated to meet your specific requirements, providing efficient and cost effective power consumption.

Aesthetically Pleasing

All of the heating installation is invisible - no vents or ducts.


All underfloor heating operating systems are completely silent. 

Low Maintenance

No maintenance or cleaning – simply turn on and enjoy.

Myth-buster: electrical underfloor heating

"It's not energy-efficient'

Electrical underfloor heating can be set 5ºC lower than water-based heating systems to achieve the same comfort levels, according to a study by ASHRAE


"It's only for bathrooms and kitchens"

it can be used to heat the whole house or certain rooms - for example, just the ground floor, or a single room such as a conservatory


"it will raise floor levels"

It will not raise floor levels. Some leading systems use British Electrotechnical Approvals board-approved ultra-thin heating elemets, with wire only 1.6mm thick


"Floors are uncomfortably hot"

Floors are warm, but not hot. With its low operating temperature, electrical underfloor heating delivers a comforting heat across the whole floor area, with no cold spots


"it's difficult to control"

An energy monitor thermostat offers accurate floor temperature control. Active energy management promts users to choose the best temperature for each room


"It's expensive compared with other systems"

It can use much less energy than warm-water heating when properly zoned and controlled, and is virtually maintenance-free

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