Outdoor Lighting for your home
Electric Call provide a range of outdoor lighting solutions for your home or business.

Outdoor Lighting

Outside lighting can be a very important part of the home.

From a security aspect, a burglar would much rather approach an unlit house at night rather than one with outside lighting. LED lighting is great for this as the house can be illuminated all through the night for very little cost. Movement sensors can be ok but are easily triggered by animals giving a false alarm.

Garden and driveway lighting can look good if done correctly. Highlighting trees, bushes or pathways can give an amazing effect and can make the garden still feel like part of the home even in the coldest, wettest months.

We have found over the years that using the right products is very important. There are 1,000s of outside lights on the market but as we all know, water and electricity don't mix well so using a totally sealed LED fitting especially at ground level  is our preferred choice. These can last many years and eliminate any problems with tripping the power.

Our preferred manufacturer are Collingwood lighting and you can visit their site at collingwood.co.uk.

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