Automate and connect your home
From lighting and heating control to home cinema and multiroom audio systems automate your home.

Home Automation

We offer full home automation including lighting and heating control to home cinema and multiroom audio systems.

These systems can be monitored and controlled remotely via a computer, mobile phone or tablet.

We use products by RAKO & Sonos for our home automation installations


Sonos is a powerful audio distribution system that delivers not only incredible sound but a simple way to synchronise and organise your music. Sonos allows you to play any song, in any room all from the palm of your hand.


Rako is one of the leading companies providing state of the art lighting solutions.

Whether you opt for wireless, wired or a combination, we can guide you through what products will work best for you making your home a masterpiece in lighting design.

When using the dimming feature on your Rako controls the system uses less power making it overall more cost effective as opposed to the regular dimmer switches that will continue to use the same amount of wattage whether dimmed or not!

Why Rako?

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